Lego Cake
Food Presentation
  2006  8 votes

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Details:In our house, my kids start planning their birthdays 364 days in advance. I try really hard to make sure that their birthday is their "special day" and one of the main focuses is the cake. The kids are allowed to pick out any theme they like, and we go on CakeCentral.Com and start browsing! Some of my kids have their heart set on one theme, like Zevi and his Lego cake. And some change their mind at least once a month. But that's all part of the fun! Zevi wanted a Lego cake, and was thrilled with the results. We decided to carry the Lego theme all the way through to the batter, and the color scheme only added to the cuteness. In our house, we keep birthdays small, with a small celebration just for family. I find that the focus is much more on the birthday boy ( or girl! ) then when there is a large party, and it's very hectic. I knew we were successful in that goal, when Zevi gave me a big hug and a kiss before he went to sleep and whispered " That was the best birthday ever!"
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Submitted Comments

1 Posted by:Shvigs

Member Since:2011-01-16

2011-03-14 14:36:42

Wow! So creative and professional!

2 Posted by:Mommy_f_

Member Since:2010-11-20

2011-03-15 12:47:26

Wow! Gorgeous!!

3 Posted by:Pessy

Member Since:2011-03-15

2011-03-15 18:10:20

Unbelievable!!! so how long did it take? I guess it doesn´t really matter, cuz you got your reward in the end!!!This cake would make anyones birthday!!!Love it!!!

4 Posted by:Stillbakin

Member Since:2011-03-13

2011-03-17 11:23:17

Thanks everyone! The cake took about 6+ hours to bake and decorate- the plus being the cleanup time! It was lots of fun to make.

5 Posted by:Fofa

Member Since:2011-03-17

2011-03-17 20:20:39

Uau!!!!Very original!!1

6 Posted by:Devorahg

Member Since:2011-07-13

2011-07-19 23:30:28

Oh wow, that's so adorable! You did an amazing job, with so much attention to details! I'd love to see some of the other cakes you've made. What lucky kids!

7 Posted by:Busy_mommy

Member Since:2011-07-13

2011-07-20 00:08:55

Wow! Wow! Wow!

8 Posted by:Ctb

Member Since:2011-01-27

2011-09-05 17:40:24

OMG that is totally gorgeous!!! amazing!! no words!

9 Posted by:Kbm

Member Since:2011-09-19

2011-11-12 13:18:35

what are the lego men and lego pieces made out of? that is a masterpiece


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