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Section: Recipes   Category: Shabbos & Holiday Recipes

Purim Recipes, Menus, Cards, Albums & More

Purim Seudah

Chinese Purim Seudah       Italian Purim Party

Purim Seudah Menu Chinese Theme  - Yaelw    Purim Seudah Menu Italian Style - Yaelw


Vivi Purim Seudah Menu

         Vivi's Purim Seudah Menu   


purim seudah menu - Chavsg

Purim Seudah menu - Yaelw

Purim Seudah menu II - Yaelw

Purim Seudah menu III - Yaelw


Purim Recipes from Celebrities



               Smoking Persian Cigars                                Vodka Grapes

             Smoking Persian Cigars recipe                         Pickled Grapes recipe

                    Sharon Lurie                                                Sharon Lurie


                  Efrat Libfroind Lace Cookies                              Lil's Hamataschen

 Lace Cookies White Chocolate Cream Filling             Lil's Hamantaschen recipe

                     Efrat Libfroind                                        Irene Saiger


       Naomi Nachman Hamantash                brynie greisman purim recipe

      Sweet and Spicy Hamentashen recipe            Cabbage Rugelach recipe

                   Naomi Nachman                                    Brynie Greisman


           Efrat Libfroind Chicken                       Samoan Hamantaschen

          Stuffed Drumbsticks recipe                       Samoan Hanataschen recipe

                  Efrat Libfroind                                        Melinda Strauss



           rivki locker hamataschen                        Tamar Ansh zebra hamantaschen

           Purim Hamantaschen recipe                        Zebra Hamantaschen recipe

                  Rivki Locker                                               Tamar Ansh


Purim Seudah Recipe Selections

1.  19 Great Purim Appetizer Recipes 

See our selection of Purim Seudah appetizers from Wontons, to pastry delights, to blintes, mushrooms, salads and more.

2.  30 Purim Side Dish Recipes

Choose from 6 categories including Potato, Vegetable, Sweet, Pastry, Pasta & Rice, Meat & Chicken.  There is something for everyone!  


Purim Mishloach Manos Ideas 

Check out our Purim mishloach manos themes and costumes.  From flowers to games to cupcakes there are plenty of ideas to make you think! 

Hamantaschen Recipes 

What is Purim without Hamantaschen.  For our Purim Hamantaschen Recipes click here.

Purim Journal 

Check out Tzirel Channah 4 Kugel Amalek Kugel with recipes



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