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Green Almonds – A Fuzzy Feast for Eyes and Palate

by Culinary Kosher Recipes on May 31, 2012

I was walking in the fruit section during my weekly grocery shopping outing when these cool fuzzy green looking things caught my attention.  ”Green Almonds” the sign read.  I never heard of them put I took a bunch just for the thrill.

Green Almonds

When I got home I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them. Do you eat green almonds whole?  Open them?  So I did a little research on the green almond and this  is what I found…

cut green almonds

Green almonds are only available for a brief 8-week period from late April to the middle of June, which is one of the reasons they have always been considered such a delicacy. One of the other reasons, and perhaps the most important, is their distinct taste. Within the green almond’s fuzzy hull lies a jelly-like inside and a skinless, white almond with a gelatinous texture, similar to a firm grape. These luscious pleasures encompass a subtle flavor that has been described as grassy, fruity, and even simply as “green.”

So I cut open the first green almond and was about to eat when my husband saw this and excitedly told me that there is a big debate about which bracha to make on young almonds, although he wasn’t sure, these green almonds matched the description.  So we ended up eating a fruit and drink covering all our bases before we tried our green almonds.

sliced green almond

They were definitely interesting but I can’t say I was blown away.  More interesting than the green almond itself, was the peel that truly had an exotic and slightly sour flavor.  After washing it well I sucked it but couldn’t manage to actually eat it since it was so tough despite that I read you can eat.

What excited me the most was that we kept the green almonds in a bowl with the apricots and I couldn’t get over how nice they looked together. So we decided to take a few pictures for posterity since who knows when or if we will ever bump into the legendary green almonds again!

green almonds and apricots

and one more…

If anyone has any great green almonds recipes let us know before the short season is over.

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