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Rosh HaShanah Honey Cake, Cookies, and Desserts Recipes

by Culinary Kosher Recipes on August 28, 2012

Rosh HaShanah Recipes:  Honey Cake Recipes & Honey Cookie Recipes

Honey Cake recipesDessert is what makes a meal memorable. Recipes for Rosh HaShanah set the tone for the entire year.  Has there ever been such an important night to find the perfect Honey Cake Recipes or Honey Cookie Recipes?  We certainly want to start the year on the right foot and make a Rosh HaShanah recipes that will herald in a sweet new year.   Here are some Honey Cake Recipes or Honey Cookie Recipes and more that sure to excite your family and guests.


Honey Cake Recipes

There are plenty of honey cake recipes on Culinary Kosher.  Each honey cake recipe claims to be the best, the moistest, the fluffiest…  Find the honey cake recipe that suits your taste and enjoy!


Pear And Honey Cake Recipe by Alessandra_Rovati - A delicious cake for Rosh Hashana and year round.


honey cake recipes - recipes for Rosh HaShanah


Delicious Honey Cake recipe by Mirf - This recipe was given to me by a dear friend who later was niftar as a young mother. I remember her…


honey cake recipe

Honey Chiffon Cake recipe by Rebbetzin Sara Finkel - This recipe for Rosh Hashana On Rosh Hashana it is customary to eat sweet foods made with honey

Marcia Goldman’s Honey Cake by Doubledutch - I got this recipe from the web. It is a delicous, moist cake and perfect for Rosh Hashana. I…

Moistest Honey Cake recipe by Gogomom - As with most of my great recipes, I got this from a friend. It is the most DELICIOUS honey cake I…

Auntie Esther’s Honey Cake recipe by Shimsar -Sooo many ways of making honey cake, but this one is special…

Rosh Hashanah Honey Cake recipe by Bro

Lekach recipe (traditional Honey Cake) by Sheila

Classic Rosh HaShanah Honey Cake recipe by Bryniegrei

Honey Cake recipe by Mkahn - This cake is so airy and good! Its my favorite honey cake.


Individual Honey Lekach Cupcakes by Vivi


Honey Cookie Recipes

Well if no one is sleeping Rosh HaShanah afternoon you know what that means.  A constant barrage of I’m hungry what can I eat.  Here are some delicious honey cookie recipes that can keep everyone’s mouth full munching their way through the long Rosh HaShanah afternoon so that even if you can’t sleep you can get some quiet!

Caramel Honey Cookies

Honey Cookie recipe by Leezloo

Rosh HaShanah Honey Cookie recipe by: Kpoll

Incredible Honey Cookies recipe by  Tamar Ansh - I got this recipe from a very dear and special lady, Rebbetzin Sarah Meisels. She told me these are…

honey cookie recipes - recipes for Rosh HaShanah

Healthy Honey Cookies Recipe Without Margarine! by Mkahn


Honey Ice Cream Recipe

Honey Ice Cream recipe by Yaelw - This is a lovely dessert for Rosh Hashana. You can serve it on its own, or put it in a chocolate…


Honey Surprise Recipe

Honeycomb Candy by Michalm - Here is a great nosh for Rosh Hashana. You can eat it as is, put it as a topping for ice cream or…


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Honey Cake Recipes & Honey Cookie Recipes posted by Culinary Kosher Recipes


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