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Delicious Tzimmes Recipes & Other Carrot Side Dish Recipes for Rosh HaShanah

by Culinary Kosher Recipes on August 29, 2012

Tzimmes Recipes & Other Carrot Side Dish Recipes for Rosh HaShanah

tzimmes recipesWhy must we eat Tzimmes recipes on Rosh HaShanah?  Carrots are one of the popular Rosh HaShanah Simanim.  Its name works in both Hebrew where “Gezer” means decree and and we ask Hashem to nullify all bad decrees as well as in Yiddish where carrots are called “Mehren” which also means “to increase” and we ask Hashem to increase our merits.

I remember growing up it was always about Tzimmes recipes, and I didn’t really like them… at all!  Fast forward… a couple of years and now not only is there an abundant selection of delicious Tzimmes recipes to please every palate, but there is also and array of carrot kugel recipes and carrot salad recipes to choose from.  See below for some of our favorites Tzimmes recipes and other carrot side dish recipes that we culled from the site.


Tzimmes Recipes

Paula’s Sweet Carrots by Kpoll - My family does not like the overly sweetness of the classic tzimmes recipes. This dish is mildly sweet and the carrots are cooked only a little, so that they are kind of al dente. We enjoy them every Rosh Hashana.

Honey Orange Carrots Tzimmes recipes by Pippa - This is a wonderful recipe for any Chag. It goes well with meat and chicken alike.

tzimmes recipes

Glazed Marsala Carrots by Pamela - Tzimmes recipe with hazelnuts and wine!

Delicious Tzimmes recipe by Brynie Greisman - Count on Brynie for the best of tzimmes recipes!

Sweet Tzimmes recipe by Mkahn

Glazed Mini Carrots recipe by Mommy_f - A fancy way of calling a tzimmes recipe

Roasted Carrots by Rlocker

Sauteed Matchstick Carrots And Zucchini by Kpoll - This is a delicious and light side dish. My husband and I remember it as the signature side dish at…


Carrot Kugel Recipes

Tsimmes Kugel recipe by Rebbetzin Sara Finkel


Carrot Squash Kugel recipe by Kpoll


Carrot kugel recipes


Carrot Kugel by Shiradye

Carrot Kugel recipe by Rebbetzin Sara Finkel

Ruthie’s Carrot Kugel

Corn Flaked Topped Carrot Kugel recipe by Mommy_f


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Carrot Muffin Recipes

Carrot Muffins recipe by Sori_f

Carrot Muffins by Elishevau - These are really delicious and very easy to make. I made them for a friend who had a baby and she..

Delicious Carrot Muffins by Yaelw

Crustless Carrot Quiches (milchig Or Parve) by G87s

rosh hashanah recipes


Carrot Salad Recipes

Incredible Carrot Salad recipe by Kpoll - I’m often getting calls for my salad recipes. Here’s one that was really a hit. On…

Carrot Salad Recipe For Rosh Hashanah by Mirf - This sweet shredded carrot salad is easy to prepare, and can be used as one of your simanim on Rosh Hashana (even if it’s not a tzimmes recipe)

carrot salad recipes

Grated Carrot Salad recipe by Sheila - Loaded with raisins…

Easy Moroccan Carrot Salad recipes by Pippa - This is very yummy. However, since my kids aren’t into the exotic, I always cook the whole bag…

Moroccan Carrot Salad recipes by Shiradye

Baby Carrots & Raisins by Mommy_f


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If you don’t want to grate carrots try this carrot muffin recipe…

Easy Carrot Kugel Using Baby Food Jars by Mirf - By using jars of baby carrots, you eliminate the need to grate raw carrots, or cooking the carrots…

carrot muffin recipes


and for those who like to sneak in a dessert as a side dish try these

Carrot Cake Recipes

Amazingly Moist Carrot Cake by G87s - This is so simple and worth it!

carrot cake recipes

Norene’s Carrot Cake by Kpoll - Another one of my teacher Norene Gilletz’ delicious recipes. Similar to the zucchini spice…


Tzimmes Recipes and other Rosh HaShanah Recipes posted by Culinary Kosher Recipes


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