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Cuisinart Personal Soft Serve Ice Cream & Yogurt Machine
Kosher Elegance by Efrat Libfroind
Emile Henry Red Flame Top Pizza Stone
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Zoku Quick Pop MakerZoku Quick Pop Maker

I Remember When...

Remember when we were kids and would make our very own ices? We'd take a plastic cup and fill it with orange juice. Then we'd stick in a fork and put it in the freezer. We'd open the the freezer every 20 minutes to check if they were frozen yet. Of course that meant that the ices wouldn't become hard for at least two days since the freezer was always open. Finally we'd wake up in the morning and there it was! Our beautiful ices.

Of course our parents wouldn't let us eat for breakfast and we'd need to wait until after school (not sure why since it was only orange juice???) After school we'd run home for the days main event. We'd take the ices out of the freezer but... we couldn't get it out of the cup no matter how much we pulled. It was plain stuck. So after waiting another half hour we'd finally wrestle it out.

Far from the delicious texture of Italian ices we had a funny shaped ice cube. We'd all then sit around licking this slippery slimy orange ice cube saying how great it was suffering all the while until someone would yell its time for jump rope and we'd all drop our ices and run as fast we can.

Ahhh those were the days... and thankfully they are gone now that I just saw the coolest Pop Maker from Zoku. So I've told my story and now I'll let the company tell theirs.

Pour in favorite ingredients and watch them freeze before your eyes. Layer flavors, add fresh fruit slices and more-Zoku makes it easy and needs no electricity. Store the unit in the freezer then use it to make up to nine pops at a time. Includes six Quick Pop sticks, six drip cups and Super Tool for easy removal of frozen pops.

For more information and to buy it for $49 by clicking here.

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