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Celebrity Bloggers

Kosher Cooking for Ordinary People by Rivki Locker  Kosher cooking for ordinary people

If you're an ordinary person who wants simple ideas for eating kosher, you've come to the right place! I'm just an ordinary Jewish working mom who lives a harried, busy life. I created this blog to share my ideas about how to eat kosher (and usually healthy!) without spending all day shopping, eating, cooking, and measuring portions. I hope you enjoy your visit here.


Ilana's Oven  by Ilana Blitzstein

See Ilana's blog for delightful step by step recipes. 


Kitchen Tested by Melinda Strauss



Have you ever opened a cookbook and seen a recipe with ingredients or cooking techniques that scare you and make you look for another recipe? I'm Melinda Strauss and I am the founder of Kitchen Tested, a website devoted to helping you make the impossible possible in your own kitchen.

There are no boundaries to the food that I will cook or bake in my own kitchen, from liver and onions (influenced by one of the best meals I ever had on an incredible trip to Amsterdam with my husband, Justin) to homemade taffy (a recipe sent to me by a friend who wanted the sticky candy but didn't want to make it herself). Whether it be a recipe, kitchen utensil or even an appliance, our goal is to show you what is kitchen tested and kitchen approved! 


Fiddling In The Kitchen by Adina aka Fiddle fiddling in the kitchen

My name is Adina, I have two kids, and live in Israel. I love to cook, hate to (and don't know how to) bake. I recently started my blog (for myself,) and eventually to help others (like myself) who spend all day searching the Internet, reading reviews, and trying to come up with something different to cook.  


Can't Stop Baking by Nechama aka Stillbakin can't stop baking
I love to bake. Period. I love to combine a bunch of ingredients and produce a delicious, gorgeous product. I love the reaction I get when I give out my confections. I absolutely hate cleaning up the mess. And never fails, after each huge bakeathon, my husband looks at me with this look that says " Why?Why do you do this to yourself?" as we survey the damage around us. And then together we roll up our sleeves and put things right again. And that's why I so aptly named this blog " can't stop baking" Because even if I wanted to.... 

I just can't stop baking!  


The Jewish Hostess  by Marlenem  

the jewish hostess

As a busy mom, I am always on the lookout for great recipes to wow my family. That can be tricky in my house, where the tastes range from carb-free vegans to insatiable carnivores. I even have an adorable little one attempting to survive on Fruit Roll-Ups alone (and no, honey, the 10 percent natural fruit juice does not make them healthy!)

As for my professional experience, I've spent the last three years producing a documentary about the history of the Syrian Jewish community. I am intrigued by the stories of Syrian Jewish grandmothers who made the most of what they had - transforming the cheapest cuts of meat and passed-their-prime breads and vegetables into memorable dishes. One day, I asked an interviewee for her secret to keeping a family together, and she answered simply, "I FEED THEM!"And that was the inspiration for The Jewish Hostess.

My goal is to create a fun, chic and open Web site. But I can't do it without you! Please share your best recipes, chic tabletop tips and any other ideas that might inspire your fellow Jewish hostesses. Cause we could all use a little help now and then 


The Kosher Channel by Renee Chernin


Kosher recipes for the Queen of the Kitchen that's you! is a growing database of delicious, well-tested kosher recipes and helpful cooking tips. BUT, we both know that you are much more than chief cook and grocery maven on the hunt for the latest trends in kosher cooking. Every Jewish homemaker: that's YOU~are Queen. 


Barefoot and Cooking  by Rochel Boyd  

Barefoot and Cooking 

Hey Ya'll! I'm Rochel Boyd, the girl who is Barefoot and Cooking. The two most important things you should know about me: I'm newly married and I LOVE to cook. I delight in experimenting with new recipes, new cuisines, and new ingredients. I read cookbooks in bed and rarely make the same thing twice. When the urge strikes, I also bake.

I strive to cook healthful nutritious food. Sometimes, I end up making peanut butter cups. It's a balance.

My husband and I keep a strict kosher home; meaning that, all the recipes you will find on this blog are kosher. And although I will post the requisite recipes for Jewish staples (like challah, potato kugel, and cholent), the vast majority of my recipes are culled from cuisines around the world, inspired by fresh produce in the grocery store, or drummed up from the depths of my pantry. My goal is to make my recipes accessible to everyone who likes to cook and loves to eat.

I'm from Florida, lived for a bit in Jerusalem, moved to D.C., and am now happily settled in Bethesda, MD. My husband originally hails from South Carolina. I'm still learning the ropes of southern cooking. We got married on Aug 22, 2010 (12 Elul 5770). It was my husband who encouraged me to start this blog. I am thankful every day for his unending patience, his unconditional love, and his knack for making me laugh. Also, he'll taste just about anything I put on his plate.

Why Barefoot and Cooking? Simple, to bust a stereotype... or two. I cook because I love it. I feed my husband because I love him. It's that simple. I own dozens of pairs of shoes. It's just more comfortable to cook barefoot.


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