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Watermelon Carving for the Special Children's Center
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Watermelon Carving for the Special Children's Center Chanuka Sheva Brachos
Watermelon Carved for BMG Tea '14 Watermelon carved for the BMG tea
Sheva Brachot in New York L'Chaim
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Shabbos Lunch Keeping It Simple
Name of Chef: vivi
~ Breads ~
My Ultimate Challah
~ Appetizers ~
Egg & Onion Wraps
Salmon & Egg Wraps With Mustard Mayonnaise
~ Main Dish ~
Never Fail Cholent
~ Salads ~
Sesame Noodle Salad
Winter Salad
~ Kugels ~
Crispy Potato Kugel
~ Cake Desserts ~
Forest Fruit Brownies
~ Other Desserts ~
Tropical Fruit Salad
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