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1. Kosher Elegance by Efrat Libfroind
2. Recipes Remembered by June Hersh
3. Dash
4. Fresh & Easy by Leah Schapira
5. Kosher by Design by Susie Fishbein
6. The Best of Mexican Kosher Cooking
7. Bais Yaakov Cookbook
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Vegetarian Vegetable Soup
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Tuna Or Anything Wrap
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Eggplant Deli Roll
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Chocolate Chip Cookies Easy Apple Tart
Shortbread Fruit Pizza
Sesame Asparagus Roasted Vegetables
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Diet Eggplant Parmigiana
Mini Cheesecakes
Orange French Toast Stars
Tuna Or Anything Wrap
Pesach Pear Crumble
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Long Potato Knish
Vegetarian Vegetable Soup
Vegetarian Vegetable Soup
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Stuffed Mushrooms
Cranberry Chicken
Potato Latkes
Chavi's Chicken
Flounder Bouillabaisse
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