Culinary Kosher
Cranberry, Walnut And Feta Shortbread Cookies
Posted by:Melindastrauss
Introduction:I know, I know! It sounds a little crazy. Feta in a cookie? Yes please! With Shavuos just around the corner, I thought it would be so much fun to add cheese right in to a cookie, where it normally doesn’t belong. I like to keep it a secret that there is feta in the cookie to see what people will think and so far, even the feta-haters have been shocked when I tell them the secret ingredient. The added salt and creaminess from the cheese takes this shortbread cookie to a whole new level and I hope you give it a try!
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Helpful Hints:This dough freezes really well so you can make it ahead of time (or even make a double batch) and freeze after rolling up in parchment paper.
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