Culinary Kosher
Meat Knish
Posted by:Bryniegrei
Introduction:This original main dish, made triangular in the Purim motif, is made with a flaky whole wheat crust and filled with a delicious chopped turkey or beef filling. Whoever tasted it had doubles! Itís very convenient as both the dough and filling can be made in advance and frozen separate, or frozen already baked.
This recipe first appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.
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Helpful Hints:Note: To freeze turnovers, prepare as directed. Cool completely and wrap well in foil. To thaw, bake in foil pouches at 350F/180C until soft and heated through, or just heat in microwave.
Serving idea: Serve with cornichons (see photo). These are crisp tiny pickles, sold in a jar, with a vinegary flavor.
Source:Brynie Greisman - Family First