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Checkerboard Cake Step By Step
Subject: How to make the perfect checkerboard cake.

In this link http://culinarykosher.com/recipe/Shabbos-Yom_Tov-Rosh_Hashana-Purim-Shavuos-Succos/Checkerboard-Cake/1978#.Tok2tXNqv4E is a recipe I posted for checkerboard cake.  The steps to actually get to the final cake can be quite hard to follow which is why I am posting this with images for a step by step guide....I hope it helps!


Take your white cake and chocolate cake and cut in half width ways.  Layer one half of the white, cover with melted chocolate, then one half of chocolate cake and cover again then other half of white cake (which gets you to this picture).

Finally cover with chocolate and layer the last half of the chocolate cake on top.


Your cake should now look like this.  

Thinly slice off the edges and divide cake length ways into half, then half then half again (8 slices)


Now...lay one strip down.  cover with chocolate and taking another strip slowly turn it around and place ontop of first one so you have the chocolate ontop of white and white ontop of chocolate.

Do this with the first 4 slices. The strips should line up (about - it doesnt have to be PERFECT unless of course you are a perfectionist ;) )



Completely cover the whole log with chocolate. It should look something like this (mine came out slightly "leaning tower of pisa style" but it still tastes and looks great.


Your final piece should be looking something to this effect or more lined up.  See how simple it is when you have it step by step?  

I hope this short guide helps you make one of the best cakes ever! It takes time but it is worth every minute.   I build my cakes on top of a piece of bakewell paper (to prevent mess but also...) this way I can just wrap it up then cover with foil and freeze.  

It is easiest to cut neatly when it is partly frozen and also the pieces stay intact better.  GOOD LUCK!!!

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