2011-09-04, Ctb
Kitchen Life with A Baby
Subject: Cooking, baking and enjoying my kitchen with a baby on foot.

Now that I have my little baby boy ka"h, well I have to admit, my kitchen life suffered at first.  For the first few weeks I was in pain, and at the tender loving finger tips of my mother and her delicious food.  So no work for me!  

But all good things must come to an end and now I am 4 months after birth and slowly I am starting to give my kitchen and utensils some attention too.

But I have to admit it is hard, boy is it hard!  6pm, time to make supper, baby is tired, cranky but I dont want him to sleep because bed time is soon.  Supper has to be ready but it usually isn't and either I will become a frazzled angry mum who yanks her baby out of his seat and feeds him whilst her poor husband eats supper alone or I must figure out a way to get my cooking life in order!  And so I am working on it!

Babies have a special sense that when mummy sits down or when mummy starts to bake and has her hands deep in a sticky challah dough or whipping up egg whites, they will demand attention - AND NOW!!!!  

Lets get to the tips.  As I mentioned I am sure, Babies and kitchens don't go.  Hot ovens, hot water, pots, pans not to mention flour and eggs!  So how to keep my baby away and happy so I can restock my freezer with cookies, make a nice supper and not be too harassed at the end of it?

Well for number one I stick him in his rocker chair where he can see me but away from the danger zones.  And I switch on music quietly.

Then I start working and besides for singing with the music I talk to him!  Yup "now mummy is going to add the flour to the eggs and mix it ooooh you hear the noisy mixer?  now we have to get chocolate chips out and where did silly mummy  put her sugar? oh here it is"  and on it goes.

After about 15 minutes the smiles turn to quizzical looks and sooner or later he will start to cry so as soon as I sense that happening I will put his pacifier back in and throw him a toy.  5 minutes later and I clean my hands and pick him up for a quick cuddle and when he goes back down its in his car seat with his favourite toy hanging over him.  Shmatte in hand, pacifier in mouth and toy at arms reach he is happy once again.

At this point supper should be ready but if it isn't well its gona get tough I start to sweat but hey what about his blanket?  Its time for tummy time and he gets plonked on his tummy on a blanket where he can still see me and he gaggles happily to himself.  

Half an hour later and if he hasnt fallen asleep (at which point I will jump up and down ad say dont sleep mummy has milky for you!!) then I will cuddle him and if he is really cranky well we pull tatty in for a turn and if thats not gonna work well supper will have to burn.  

After all wasn't he behving like an angel for the past hour?  Time to eat and time to feed :-)

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