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Mexican Potato Latkes
Subject: Step by Step

by Amy Kritzer of www.whatjewwannaeat.com. Now that I live in Texas, I am pretty heavily influenced by tasty Texan foodie delights such as queso, brisket, breakfast tacos, and of course queso. Mmm queso. So when I thought about how to jazz up the traditional latke, I immediately thought Mexican. Besides my residence close to the border, my former roommate back in NYC is half Jewish and half Mexican and she turned out pretty amazing, so surely it could work for a latke! An idea was born. Though there is no queso in sight, there is not a chance these babies will last even one round of dreidel come Hanukkah time. To add recipe to your kitchen go to Mexican Potato Latkes Need a dessert to go with your fried potatoes? I'm glad you asked! I have a super awesome Hanukkah inspired dessert or two coming up in the next weeks. Can't wait to share!

Here is all you need for your own Mexican latkes.



I made an Avocado Cream Sauce as topping too!  First up, the most annoying part of latke making- the grating. Peel your potatoes and grate into a bowl. Last year I used a food processor, this year grater. I think I need a bigger grater.

While you are on a break from grating, cook up your corn. Just put the corn in cold water and bring to a boil, making sure the water covers the corn enough but not so much it will boil over. When the water boils, your corn is done- magic!

After all your potatoes are grated, squeeze excess water out with cheesecloth. This is very important or your latkes will be mushy and you will ruin Hanukkah! Well maybe not ruin, but pretty close.


Then mix together with minced garlic and diced jalapeno and onions, corn, flour, eggs and salt. I used red jalapeno because it was a new find for me in our local market. You can use green- they are actually the same thing, but red are more ripe (just like bell peppers!) and therefore harder to find sometimes. Red ones are also less spicy. You learned something today!


Now heat up your oil in a pan- I used vegetable oil. Make sure your oil is super hot- this is essential for a crispy latke! Put spoonfuls of latke batter into the oil and squish a bit with your spatula. Flip once after they get all brown and tasty looking.


Man oh man. While your latkes are cooking, you can make the avocado cream sauce (inspired by one of my coworkers). Combine one large avocado, a tablespoon of sour cream, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and enough milk to get the consistency you want. 


Serve with avocado cream, diced tomatoes and more cilantro. You could top with some extra corn too for even more color!

Thanks Amy! See Amy's blog www.whatjewwannaeat.com

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I like your style! Maybe my Israeli sabras will like the spicy latkes as well. My husband is enjoying the red jalapenos which are in season here now but I think they only grow fresh corn here in the summer. I'll try it with second best, frozen. This seems like a MEAL latke!
Shiradye, 2011-12-14

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