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Three Day Yom Tov & Your Makeup
Subject: Have Your Makeup Last Longer

With  three day sets of Chag ahead of us, we have a lot do to get ready. Besides food and clothing for everyone, we need to find the perfect makeup so we can feel beautiful and confident the whole yomtov.


There are two options when it comes to Shabbat and Yom Tov makeup. For those who observe the halachic standard that permits the application of specific types of cosmetics on Shabbat, these finely powdered, mineral cosmetics are so gorgeous, you will want to continue wearing them throughout the week!  For those who do not apply makeup on Shabbat, Shain Dee Cosmetics has a series of long-lasting  products, that when applied before Sabbath will keep you looking and feeling your best all day.


Women today lead very complicated lives and putting on your makeup once and have it last all day is very important. Our long lasting products , applied correctly, will guarantee a natural and yet long lasting effect. These include; a shadow magnet that is applied before you put on your eye shadow to make the colors more vibrant and long lasting . Mineral foundation is healthy for your skin and waterproof, however if your skin is oily, a duo powder with talc will help keep your face from becoming shiny. Long lasting eyeliner comes in pencil, gel, and liquid. The liquid is the longest lasting. Once you learn how to apply it you will love wearing it as it lasts for days. The pencils are the quickest and easiest to use. The gels come in lots of beautiful colors to compliment every eye color  and wear beautifully. 

In order for lipstick to last it is important that your lips be in good condition. The skin on our lips is very delicate, like the skin around our eyes. Many products that we use, the lack of water that we do not drink, and the weather, from the sun to the cold winds, make our lips dry. Our thick, rich, roll-on lip gloss contains a high concentration of vitamin E that soothes, moisturizes and heals the lips. It goes on clear and men, women and children can enjoy the benefits.


The following is an easy step by step directions to

Have Your Makeup Last Longer

1. Cleanse your skin and moisturize.

2. Apply primer to the face.

For dry/mature skin mix primer with a pea size drop of the moisturizing tint.

3. Apply Shadow Magnet on top of the eye with a Camouflage brush.

4. Apply Shabbat Foundation in a circular motion with our Kabuki brush.

7. Apply Bronzer on top with the Bronzing brush.

5. Apply Blush with our unique blush brush.

6. Re-apply the Shabbat Foundation and Blush to help it last even longer.

8. Apply Eye shadows: the darkest color in the crease, sparkly light color on the lid,

   and a matte highlighter under the brow.

9. Apply Eyeliner as close to the lashes as possible. Apply a 2nd coat to each eye.

10. Apply Mascara- bottom lashes first, then top lashes. Apply a 2nd coat to each eye.

11. To help Lipstick last longer, outline the lips with the Lip liner, and fill in the lips.

12. Use Long Lasting Lipstick: apply and allow drying, and then follow with a regular lipstick


      Apply darkest color from Lip six wheel with lip brush.

13. Apply Lip Sealer: add a few layers of the different colors in the lipstick wheel

      until perfect color is achieved..

15. Spray with Rosewater/Hungarian Water to seal the face.

14. Apply Lip gloss for a moist look and feel.


Our web site contains Shabbat cosmetics approved by Rabbi Abraham Blumenkrantz zt”l, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, and Rabbi Yermiyahu Katz. Shain Dee Cosmetics' Shabbat makeup fulfills the requirements determined by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein zt"t, who outlined ways for women to apply makeup on Shabbat and still follow halacha. Rabbi Feinstein set up guidelines for the pigment, composition and application of each product. Rabbi Blumenkrantz, a student of Rabbi Feinstein, approved Shain Dee Cosmetic products as meeting this criteria over 10 years ago. 


There are several opinions on Shabbat makeup: Rabbi Dovid Heber, Kashrus Administrator of the Star K, wrote an article outlining the opinions, laws and directions on the use of Shabbat makeup that can be found at www.star-K.org. WhenRabbi Blumenkrantzbecame ill, Rabbi Moshe Heinemann was kind enough to check Shain Dee Cosmetics' new products. While Rabbi Heinemann does not rely on the opinion of those who permit the use of makeup on Shabbat, he did test the products and determined that the Shain Dee Cosmetics Shabbat Queen line does meet the guideline of Rabbi Feinstein for those ladies who rely on that opinion.


Rabbi Yermiyahu Katz, who is the authority on mikvahs all over the world, discovered a problematic trend; women were avoiding the mikvah on Friday nights. On regular Fridays, these women applied long lasting makeup, but on the Fridays that they go to the mikvah they cannot. As a result, they fear that their lack of makeup will reveal to everyone they were at the mikvah,or they would look less beautiful on Shabbos, so instead they push off the mikvah until Saturday night. Rabbi Katz studied the halachos for Shabbat makeup by Rabbi Feinstein and approved the Matte line of Shabbat products that can be found in mikvahs for ladies to use on Shabbos.


Each approved product must be applied following the strict guidelines. Shain Dee Cosmetics presents the first step-by-step instructional web video, which makes the halachic guideline clear and easy to follow. Additionally, Shain Dee Cosmetics just released an instructional web video on makeup application for women of all ages and for every occasion. Whether you are looking for dramatic wedding-day makeup tips or trying to cover some fine lines, you are now clicks away from a professional demonstration by Shaindy Kelman, owner and CEO of Shain Dee Cosmetics. Email Shain Dee Cosmetics your photo and we will gladly advise you on the colors that are best for you. Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you look and feel your best!

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I certainly agree with Yael's comments. You did a great job for all of us at Rivky's wedding. It was great meeting you and your precise instructions for Shabbath makeup is great.
Alice Schuck

A__schuck, 2011-09-11

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