2011-08-18, Stellar
Wanted: Eggs Dead or Alive
Subject: Eggs Come Full Elipse

There are many natural foods that have been given a bad rap over the past few decades as scientist finally got themselves some modern tools to be able to probe deeper than they once were able to.  Unfortunately like with every child, when science builds a new tool it thinks it has reached the limit of understanding and nothing exists beyond the tools they now possess.

So for example in the 70’s when science was making great progress in understanding heart disease, cholesterol, and clogged arteries, suddenly eggs, which for the entire history of the world was considered one of the healthiest foods, suddenly found itself on the black list, labeled as an artery clogger and demon of sudden death. Of course potato chips and the advent of junk food was a totally non-related issue.

Well, lo and behold, science finally realized that there is is good cholesterol as well, and it is vital to our health, and eggs are the best source.  Not only that but ooops!, they over estimated the amount of cholesterol in eggs in the first place.  Not only that but we now know that eggs  provide 13 essential nutrients, vitamins and high-quality protein.  Let’s not forget minerals such as choline and lutein -- vital for brain function, eye health, pregnancy, and fetal development.  

So according to the experts we are now allowed to eat a whole egg several times per week.  Thanks!  This still falls short of Chazal’s statement that eggs pack more nutritional punch than almost any other food.

But science is not sleeping.  A new study by A University of Surrey team says that limiting eggs is a foolish misconception that must be corrected.  Turns out that what you eat, has only a partial effect on your cholesterol levels, and little things such as being overweight and lack of physical activity have a greater bearing.  And yes of course when it comes to eating, too much meat and cake are the real culprits.

So now they decided that eggs are an integral part of healthy diet as they are one of nature's most nutritionally dense foods.  Sounds familiar?  This study says that all those who think eggs must be limited are basing this on “out of date” information.  So I guess that means that we were out of date in the 70’s and now in the 21 century we’ve finally become more modern and smart.... like our age old gemara.

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