My son's aufruf continued
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Details:Here are some more pictures of cookies & cakes I made for the aufruf. instructions on how to make the zebra cake can be found at:
The recipe for the choc rose cake is:
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    1 Posted by:Theeema

    Member Since:2011-03-28

    2011-11-27 05:20:36

    Mazal Tov. A beautiful table; may their mazal be beautiful as well!

    2 Posted by:Devorahg

    Member Since:2011-07-13

    2011-11-27 21:08:10

    These are gorgeous! Must be time-consuming, but worth the results! i never knew chocolate pretzels could be fancy. Those cupcakes look amazing, and i can't wait to try the cinnamon stencil idea!

    3 Posted by:Balabuste

    Member Since:2011-06-14

    2011-12-04 22:28:26

    beautiful, could you tell me what you used on the stencil(mazal tov), is it melted chocolate? a response would be appreciated

    4 Posted by:Canadamom

    Member Since:2010-09-01

    2011-12-05 11:36:51

    what is used with the stencil is cinnamon...i would like more details pls on the cupcakes? how do u get the marshmellows to be that petal looking shape? and how does the sugar stick?

    5 Posted by:Mirf

    Member Since:2011-07-05

    2012-03-05 14:07:19

    Sorry I didn't answer your questions earlier.
    Thank you for the compliments and brachos.
    Cinnamon is placed in the stencil holes while the cookie is still raw, then the cookie is baked. Do not use cinnamon and sugar. I also experimented with cocoa - those are the cookies with stenciled flowers. They also were good, but the cinnamon ones taste better.
    The mini marshmallows are cut on an angle with a scissor. (It then forms that petal shape) The side that is cut is now sticky, so the sugar sticks to it, as you dip the marshmallow into the sugar.


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