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Shredded Turkey And Pastrami Salad
no pic
My new Shabbos lunch salad. You can also serve it as an appetizer for Yom Tov.  
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Lettuce 4249 views  
in 35 recipe boxes  
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Deli "sushi" Rolls
A lazy dish that turned out to be a frequently requested appetizer  
Main Ingredients: Turkey 8299 views  
in 50 recipe boxes  
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Stuffed Turkey Breast
I get this turkey breast stuffed with chopped meat from Matam Chofetz Chaim. It is delicious and  
Main Ingredients: Turkey 4306 views  
in 2 recipe boxes  
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Veggie Meatloaf
no pic
This recipe is great for all year round, even Pesach. It is also easy on the calories!  
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Tomato Sauce or Paste, Meat, Veal 5010 views  
in 10 recipe boxes  
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Deli Salad
no pic
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Peppers, Nuts 2470 views  
in 21 recipe boxes  
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Turkey Veggie Meatloaf Cups
A while ago I found this recipe in a cooking magazine. It pomised to wash away all the dinner  
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Zucchini 4961 views  
in 11 recipe boxes  
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Stuffed Cabbage
Many cooks are intimidated by stuffed cabbage. Here I break it down into simple steps. Stuffed  
Main Ingredients: Turkey 2254 views  
in 3 recipe boxes  
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Chicken Fricassee
This recipe appears here due to popular demand. I serve it every year on Rosh Hashana and Succos,  
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Garlic, Tomato Sauce or Paste, Meat, Veal 7716 views  
in 24 recipe boxes  
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Roast Turkey Breast
no pic
This is a simple way to make turkey breast and is succulent and delicious. Serve with cranberry  
Main Ingredients: Turkey 6528 views  
in 28 recipe boxes  
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Dark Chicken/turkey Rolled "roast"
no pic
For a change of pace from the ubiquitious beef roast.... I put roast in parentheses because this is  
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Garlic, Onion 6997 views  
in 20 recipe boxes  
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Classic Golden Chicken Soup
Chicken soup is not only a basic with most if not all Jewish families but is also quite healthy.  
Main Ingredients: Turkey, Chicken, Garlic, Potato 4322 views  
in 15 recipe boxes  
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Easiest Deli Roll
This recipe couldn't be easier. In our house it is not shabbos if I don't make this for  
Main Ingredients: Puff Pastry, Turkey 5034 views  
in 29 recipe boxes  
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