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Serving: Lakewood
I custom carve watermelons with any monogram or message. I can also create an original monogram for a minimal charge. I create beautiful fruit platters. starting at $45, and vegetable platters starting at $25.
*New! Sectional platters of cut-up fruit starting at $25!
Pick-up and Delivery ($5-$10 extra charge) in Lakewood only.
Miriam Friedman

You can see my pictures of samples I've made below, or in my albums.
Store Items Sold
Custom Carved Melon for Hachnosas Sefer Torah on Extra-large platter.
Mazel Tov inscribed onto the center of a Sefer Torah, surrounded by melon slices & large honeydew flower.
Elaborate Platter with Building Logo carved on Watermelon
Watermelon intricately carved with logo of the Mosad, and the Bar Mitzva boy's name, with 3-D Honeydew flower & lots of canteloupe, honeydew and mango roses.
Mazel Tov Carved on Large Melon with Fan Shaped Frame
Mazel Tov carved on a large Watermelon with a fan-shaped frame surrounded by luscious cubed fruit and canteloupe and kiwi flowers.
Extra Large Vegetable Platter
Deluxe vegetable platter decorated with beautifully carved vegetable flowers
3D Honeydew flower with monogrammed Violin +fruit platter
A 3d Honeydew flower is the centerpiece of this beautiful platter. A Violin carved from a watermelon, decorated with the Chosson & Kallah's names is custom-designed for this platter for an engagement party.
Full-sized Carved Watermelon with candle w/deluxe platter
Beautifully carved watermelon with the names of the Chosson & Kallah on a diamond ring, surrounded by luscious fruit.
Custom-carved melon with border + elaborate fruit platter
Watermelon custom-carved with monogram and beautiful border. Fruit platter includes 2 half-canteloupe flowers
Sectional Vegetable Platter with flowers
sectional vegetable platters starting at $25.
Vegetable flowers are extra
Custom Fruit Bouquet
An extra-large bouquet with letters cut out of fruit to spell outthe customer's business name.
Custom Carved Honeydew and Fruit Platter
I custom carved this honeydew for a bar mitzvah, The boy's name is carved in a tefillin framed in a "fan". A hollow pineapple has slices of pineapple spilling out. Bright pomegrante seeds sprinkled on fan shaped slices of honeydew, add touches of elegance and color.
Sectional Platter with Cut-up Fruit in Season
6 sectioned platter (5 outside + center) filled with cut-up fruit in season.
Medium Fruit Platter with Half-canteloupe centerpiece
A pretty canteloupe filled with luscious cherries draws your eye to this colorful fruit platter.
Extra-large Fruit Platter with carved melon
A dramatic fruit platter with a quarter of a watermelon carved with the message "Mazel Tov", with canteloupe and honeydew roses, pineapple flower, and cherries in season.
Medium Fruit Platter
A beautiful mostly symmetrical fruit platter with mango leaves, pineapple daisy, kiwi flowers, and canteloupe and honeydew roses.
Small Vegetable Bouquet
A beautiful and creative bouquet of vegetable flowers, displaying "blooms" made of carrots, daikon, parsnip, cucumblers, with cherry tomatoes, and miniature peppers becoming flower centers, and pepper strips for grass, and scallions for stems!
Custom-carved watermelon and fruit platter for upsherin
I designed a unique custom monogram for this customer, with her grandson's name, Chaim Tzvi, a tzitzis, and yarmulka. The customer requested this to be done green on white, to stand out.
An added touch to the fruit platter was the honeydew filled with watermelon cubes.
Medium fruit platter perfect for kiddush
Lots of watermelon, a pineapple daisy, and a canteloupe rose in the center, make this a refreshing and eye-catching centerpiece
Medium sized Fruit platter
For client's BarMitzva kiddush. An added touch is the cantaloupe filled with melon balls, and the pineapple slice carved like a daisy.
Extra-large fruit platter
This was done for a client with practically double the amount of fruit. He had it delivered for Mishloach Manos for a large family Purim Seuda.
Custom carved partial watermelon & fruit platter
I custom carved this platter for a client's kiddush for her baby girl, whose name was Elky. I also carved for her a heart and flower on the melon, and a watermelon leaf.
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Oh wow! These are amazing! Fruit carving will never cease to blow me away. These are really nice!
Devorahg, 2011-07-21 23:12:23
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