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Celebrity Kosher Chefs

Below is our list of Celebrity Kosher Chefs

1. Efrat Libfroind chef page - recipes 

Efrat Libfroind is one of the most acclaimed Jewish chefs in the world.  SHe recently authored her bestselling Kosher ELegance Kosher cookbook.  Read more about Efrat


2. Sara Finkel chef pagerecipes  - journals 

Sara is the author of Simply Delicious and Classic Kosher Cooking as well as two Hebrew cookbooks.  She was a longtime cooking columnist for the Yated Ne'eman.  Read more about Sara


3. Brynie Greisman chef page  - recipes - menus 

Brynie Greisman is the owner of Tasty Lo-Fat Creations which sells over 50 flavors of muffins.  Brynie's recipes are frequently featured in Mishpacha Magazine. Read more about about Brynie 


4. Naomi Nachman (Aussie Gourmet) chef page  - recipes - interview with Naomi

Naomi Nachman aka The Aussie Gourmet started the Kosher Culinary Institute in the JCC of the Five towns, is personal chef, and has appeared on many meida outlets.  Read more about Naomi


5.  Leah Koenig chef page  - recipes  - interview with Leah

Leah Koenig is a food writer for world class publications and authored the Hadassah Everyday Cookbook. 


6.  June Hersh chef page - recipes  - interview with June

June Hersh authored Recipes Remembered and the Kosher Carnivore. 


7. Sharon Lurie chef page  - recipes

Sharon is the author of Cooking with the Kosher Butcher's Wife and Celebrating with the Kosher Butcher's Wife.   Read more about Sharon


8. Paula Shoyer chef page  - recipes 

Paula Shoyer is the author of the Kosher Baker a Kosher cookbook on Pareve desserts.  Read more about Paula


9. Susie Fishbein chef page - recipes 

Susie Fishbein is the author of the best selling Kosher by Design series of cookbooks.  Read more about Susie


10. Tamar Ansh chef page  - recipes

Tamar Ansh is the author of  A Taste of Challah and Pesach - Anything's Possible! read more about about Tamar


11. Bitayavon Magazine chef page  - recipes

Bitayavon Magazine is one of the premier kosher food magazines read more about Bitayavon


12. Shifrah Devorah Witt chef page - recipes  - menus  

Shifrah Devorah Witt & Zipporah Malka Heller authored the The Best of Asian Kosher Cooking and the Best of Mexican Kosher Cooking. Read more about Shifrah Devorah


13.  Pam Reiss chef page  - recipes  - interview with Pam

Pam is the author of two kosher cookbooks, Soup: A Kosher Collection and  Passover: A Kosher Collection


14.  Geila Hocherman chef page  - recipes 

Geila Hocherman authored the Kosher Revolution which focuses on kosherizing non-kosher recipes.  Read more about Geila


15.  Nechama Cohen chef page  - recipes 

Nechama Cohen is the Executive Director of the Jewish Diabetes Association (JDA) and author of the award winning EnLITEned Kosher Cooking.  Read more about Nechama


16.  Levana Kirschenbaum chef page  - recipes

Levana Kirschenbaum owned Levana's restaurant in Manhattan and has authored kosher cookbooks Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen and Levana's Table: Kosher Cooking For Everyone.   Read more about Levana.


17.  Sarah Lasry Leizerowski chef page - recipes 

Sarah Lasry owned Tastebuds Cafe and authored the At Home Gourmet.  Read more  about Sarah


fricassee   Vanilla Mint Fudge Ice Cream  honeyrice   

       Brynie Greisman                   Brynie Greisman                   Brynie Greisman 

pineapple kugel                apple flan                mushroom quiche  

  Brynie Greisman                 Brynie Greisman                         Brynie Greisman

cheese dressing   Truffle Squares   Chinese Lemon Chicken Cutlets  

      Brynie Greisman                  Brynie Greisman                    Brynie Greisman 

rugelach    blueberry muffin

    Brynie Greisman               Brynie Greisman

Tortillas With An Amazing Filling          Potatoes with Onion Jam and Red Wine          Lettuce Sweet Potato and Apple Salad

       Efrat                             Efrat                              Efrat 

Iced Coffee         Chocolate Nougat Mousse         Chocolate Pomegranate Roulade         

       Efrat                           Efrat                             Efrat



Peach Pecan Crumble With Ice Cream

   Phyllo Leaflets With Potato Filling    Chocolate


            Efrat                              Efrat                         Efrat

Trout     parfait    Beef Medallions

         Efrat                           Efrat                           Efrat

Elegant Stuffed Drumsticks              Sleek Chocolate Domes With Nut Brittle             Chocolate Praline And Sesame Sushi

     Efrat                              Efrat                              Efrat       

venetian fritters    pear cake    tilapia rollup       

  Alessandra rovati          Alessandra rovati               Alessandra rovati

Cabbage Salad    Apple cinnamon latkes    deliroll pockets

   Bitayavon                    Bitayavon                         Bitayavon

winter soup    dip    dip  

         Bitayavon                        Bitayavon                Bitayavon 

cream puffs  Tarte Tatin By Pessy Hascelovitch  salad

           Bitayavon                          Bitayavon                          Bitayavon

 banana cake  ribs    

           Bitayavon                         Bitayavon                              Bitayavon

 fish-cake   melon-granita    


           Bitayavon                               Bitayavon                          Bitayavon

beer chicken 

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