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Tested by: flychick     Posted by: flychick
Views: 4829     In Recipe Boxes: 4
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Zahavale's Onion Kugel
Tested by: chaya10     Posted by: sarafinkel
Views: 7544     In Recipe Boxes: 33
We love this kugel. I used a heavy hand with the black pepper and I think it made it even better
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Purple Cabbage Salad
Tested by: sheila     Posted by: skiessrich
Views: 7746     In Recipe Boxes: 19
Made this for Sheva Brachot. It was delicious.
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Chocolate Mud Cupcakes
Tested by: sheila     Posted by: pippa
Views: 9439     In Recipe Boxes: 34
I spent a lot of time converting this recipe so that I could make it. This is what I came up with:
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Yom Tov Schnitzel
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: bryniegrei
Views: 12086     In Recipe Boxes: 98
We made it for sheva brochos and overestimated as you suggested, but there was a ton left. We had
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Quinoa Pilaf
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: west_ave_cafe
Views: 7483     In Recipe Boxes: 17
Made for Sheva Brochos, of course for some people it was a new taste, and they liked it! Thanks
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Zesty Chicken
Tested by: sheila     Posted by: mommy_f_
Views: 10119     In Recipe Boxes: 23
This was delicious. Since the "sauce" was a little dry, we added some red wine.
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Pita With Grilled Apricot Balsamic Shnitzel And Chips
Tested by: yaelw     Posted by: bryniegrei
Views: 7046     In Recipe Boxes: 19
I made this for supper. It was delicious. Some had it with the pita and some had it as chicken with
original picture
False Amaretto Cake
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: shiradye
Views: 16855     In Recipe Boxes: 38
OK, as promised, here it is!
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Doughless Potato Knish
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: yaelw
Views: 12182     In Recipe Boxes: 57
As I said before, we love it.
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Peanut Butter White Chocolate Oatmeal Bars
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: yaelw
Views: 6038     In Recipe Boxes: 23
We are addicted!
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Vegetable Kugel
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: pippa
Views: 10931     In Recipe Boxes: 74
We made it for Shavuos in muffin cups and decorated it with mashed potatoes. Thanks so much!
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Toffee Bars
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: shi
Views: 4128     In Recipe Boxes: 41
Optional Review/Comment/ Ask the Chef of the Recipe
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Authentic Bagels
Tested by: shiradye     Posted by: shiradye
Views: 4125     In Recipe Boxes: 43
The big girls make these for class parties. We get the leftovers. Here's a snapshot.
original picture
Triple Chip Cheesecake
Tested by: yaelw     Posted by: deenar
Views: 2581     In Recipe Boxes: 15
Loaded with taste. A winner!
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