Culinary Kosher
Pomegranate Salad
Posted by:Naominachm
Introduction:Several years ago I gave a Rosh Hashana cooking class to a group
of ladies who were sophisticated cooks. They wanted a salad as
part of the class and I had to come up with something different and unique that would pique their interest. I developed this recipe with jicama, mango, and pomegranate seeds. Jicama isnít a typical vegetable in kosher cuisine so I thought it would be a nice variation. A jicamaís texture is a cross between an apple and a potato; it is found in most supermarkets and is used a lot in Spanish cooking. You can eat it raw in salads or sliced up and
fried like French fries. Before eating, the coarse brown outer layer of the jicama should be peeled to reveal the white inside.
The colors of the mango and pomegranate seeds give this salad a
bright look and is always popular with the guests -- not to mention
your own family.
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Helpful Hints:Note: The dressing is easily doubled or tripled and can last in the
fridge for up to two weeks.
Source:Naomi Nachman