Culinary Kosher
Rosh Hashanah Teiglach
Posted by:Tzirelchana
Introduction:When I was a kid, all the New York Jewish bakeries sold Teiglach sometimes with 1950s style additions like maraschino cherries and coconut. Now, Teiglach recipes are extinct to the point where people below the age of 40 donít even recognize the name.

I donít anticipate a big revival. Though my homemade Teiglach recipe attempt was yummy and also quite pretty, the effort nearly drove me mad to the point that I nearly gave up but then, my 11 year old son saved the day by completing the tedious task of cutting the dough.
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Helpful Hints:Teiglach are sticky. Store in airtight container. You can bake the teiglach first and then make syrup and assemble the next day. Thatís what I did.